We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering competitive pricing options, the best customer service and customized plans to meet your specific business needs.

Cash Advances

cash advance

Securing capital for your business needs from a bank can be a frustrating process and it always requires confusing, time-consuming proposals and rigid repayment plans. EPS can provide your business with working capital based on future credit card sales, and there are no application fees, no fixed payments and no fixed payback time frame.

ATM Placement

Having an ATM in your business brings in traffic. Let us pay you for having an ATM in your location and we take care of all aspects.

Processing Solutions

Processing Solutions

Technology evolves quickly, and having the most up-to-date equipment that is compliant with Visa/MC regulations is critical. Staying ahead of the curve is vital, and our team is focused on researching emerging trends to keep your business ahead of the pack.