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Hellen McQuain
Hellen McQuain
Hellen McQuain
Managing Member

Hellen believes that the key to a successful company lies in building strong customer relationships while setting high value and respect into each and every one.

About Hellen McQuain

Hellen McQuain is a sharp and talented sales executive with a long history of providing growth-oriented leadership and business development skills that shaped EPS from its inception. Spending the last five years of her career as Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations for Strategic Funding, Hellen is excited to get back to basics with her new company Process Right, LLC. Process Right, LLC separates itself from its competitors by offering the best customer service experience in the industry and working with merchants to customize a plan that meets their specific needs. Hellen brings 16 years of experience within the merchant services industry, including mergers, acquisitions, and lending on ISO residuals.

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